Oil Tank Gauges

Minimise the risk of running low, or out of heating oil.

Your tank’s heating oil levels can be displayed from inside the house when using an oil tank gauge. You will never have to worry again about the possibility of running out. They can also help you to detect sudden oil drops which could be a result of a tank leak, or oil theft. Moreover, by being able to monitor your heating oil consumption it is easier to reduce and save money on your domestic heating oil bills.

The oil tank gauge works by setting up two components, a transmitter, and a receiver unit. The transmitter fits most oil tanks and many modern tanks come with a pre-drilled hole ready for easy installation of gauges. The transmitter monitors the level of fuel remaining inside a tank, together with usage and sending the information to the receiver unit, which is inside the house.

We offer a variety of Apollo oil tank gauges. These are dependable systems providing service to thousands of homeowners across the UK. All devices can be fitted in minutes and are easy to install without the need for any specialist tools.

apollo smart oil tank gauage

Apollo Smart

Smart meter for heating oil, allowing for accurate control over your energy use. Equipped with a special Fuel Theft Alarm feature, which gives users peace of mind knowing that they will be alerted to any sudden level drops within their tank. In addition, this oil tank gauge allows you to monitor your consumption and cost by day, week, month or year.

  • Build-in visual, audible low oil level and theft alarms
  • Analyses the volume of fuel remaining and displays estimated days to empty
  • Room temperature reading & CO2 emission data
  • Wireless, with up to 150 metres range

apollo visual oil tank gauge

Apollo Visual

Budget oil tank gauge with built-in LCD displays on both receiver and transmitter. Reads the approximate level of fuel in your tank and transmits the reading to indoor an receiver.

  • Visual on tank level
  • Wireless, with up to 200 meters range
  • Constant fuel level displayed on LCD in easy to read graduation of remaining fuel
  • Long life lithium battery with expectancy of up to 7-10 years


Automatic Oil Top Up Service

heating oil top up service We also offer a Peak Signalman which is an oil tank gauge, that automatically sends a signal to our office via your telephone line. This service allows us to monitor your oil supply for you, meaning you no longer have to worry about checking your tank and ordering when levels are low.

With Signalman we will deliver automatically deliver once the device reports your tank has reached its reorder level. This will ensure you will never run-out of fuel. Product and fitting is free of charge. However, we will charge you £72 per year (inc. VAT) for this service.


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