Emergency Heating Oil Delivery

Emergency heating oil delivery – stay warm both with, or without sun

We offer an emergency heating oil delivery service, to prevent you from being left out in the cold. Running out of heating oil will not only cause a disturbance in your daily life, but there are also other boiler related issues which may cost you money and time.

Same day emergency heating oil delivery

If you have run out, or are running low on domestic oil, you can use our 24/7 online instant quote to place your emergency heating oil order. When you order by 7:00am you will receive fuel the same day. By simply entering your information in the online quote you can obtain current heating oil prices for same day, next day and 5-Day delivery slots in less than 15 seconds.


Alternatively you can call us on:- 01246 450242.


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20 litres emergency heating oil drums

In case you cannot wait for the emergency heating oil delivery and you need only a small amount of fuel, we also offer another solution to your problem. At out depots in Belper and Chesterfield we stock a 20 litre emergency heating oil drum called Kerosene FuelBox. It can be used in oil-fired boilers & aga range cookers and has a shelf life of 2 years. It is in a UN approved 20 litre bag in a box system, making heating oil readily available.

Kerosene FuelBox


In addition, the FuelBox contains a specially formulated additive system, achieving outstanding performance over conventional home heating oil.

  • Improves fuel combustion
  • Reduces sludge build-up
  • Maximises system efficiency
  • Fast, efficient and easy-to-use
  • Protects against metal aging
  • 2 years shelf life


Risks involved in running low, or out of heating oil

An empty heating oil tank will not cause any damages to your boiler as there is a safety mechanism build-in which prevents it. However, as oil levels decrease, the fuel filter is put at risk of being clogged as a result of sludge passing through the fuel lines which has accumulated in the tank over time. To replace the filter an engineers visit will be required which can potentially result in additional expenses.

It is also possible for your boiler to fail to light after the delivery has been made as a result of an air lock. This occurs when air is drawn with oil through pipes, due to low levels of fuel. The boiler bleeding process will get fuel flowing again, but it can be a time consuming and messy task which is why you may need to contact a heating engineer to remove the airlocks. To prevent this from happening it is best not to allow oil levels to drop below ¼ of the tank capacity.

Ways to prevent running out of domestic oil in the future

Domestic oil consumption can dramatically rise as the temperature drops which is why it is essential to know how much fuel you are using. Although the emergency heating oil delivery can quickly get your heating system back on, it is usually a bit more expensive when comparing to other delivery slots. For those who want to prevent running out of heating oil in the future here are a couple of things which you should consider:

  • Order in advance – ordering heating oil in advance, for example, during summer time. In addition, you will less likely need an emergency heating oil delivery as ordering large quantities of oil should keep you warm throughout the winter.
  • Routine oil level checksregular oil checks using a simple dipstick can provide you with a better understanding on when you should plan your next delivery.
  • Tank monitoran alternative more convenient solution to a dip stick is to install an electronic gauge in your fuel tank. You can clearly see current oil levels from a device plugged in your house. We offer Apollo Smart for the most accurate readings.
  • Oil monitoring service – the most reliable option which will ensure you will never run out of heating oil. For a small monthly fee we will install a free tank gauge and monitor your oil levels. When oil levels drop low, we will send an automatic fuel delivery for you. Call us on:- 01246 450242 to find out more.