Aga Range Cooker Fuel Extra +

Specially designed fuel that keeps you aga range cooker clean and efficient.

Aga range cookers fed with kerosene containing low sulphur and high char values are more likely to experience efficiency and operating problems. Modern fuel causes carbon build-up deposits, which can clog the fuel lines and burner. As a result, your cooker will struggle to keep the right temperature and eventually it will extinguish itself. We have developed Peak Aga Range Cooker Fuel Extra + to tackle these issues and improve the combustion performance of your cooker.

Benefits of using Peak Aga Range Cooker Fuel Extra +

Peak Aga Range Cooker Fuel Extra + contains anti-oxidants, dispersants and other chemical properties that will disperse the fuel sludge and reduce build-up of carbon deposits. This keeps your cooker cleaner and reduces wear to the internal components. Harmful particles are dispersed in the tank and burned off to prevent them from causing damage.


Reduces service problems

Our customers have told us that they have seen a marked reduction in their aga range cooker field problems. The active ingredients in the additive help to maintain the quality of the fuel and prevent deposits and sludge growth. Reducing the operating problems which may occur between routine services, making your cooker cleaner and more efficient for longer.



Improves fuel economy and performance 

Peak Aga Range Cooker Fuel Extra + promotes a greater system efficiency which improves fuel economy. In addition, the additive boosts your cookers performance by ensuring the atomisation at the wick is improved. Better combustion generates cleaner heat and reduces the amount of fuel required to reach the right temperature.



Effects of Heating Oil NOT treated with Peak Aga/Range Cooker Fuel +

Peak Aga Range Cooker Fuel Extra + effects:

  • Save money on your heating and cooking bills
  • Reduces operating and service problems
  • Prevents and cleans sludge formation
  • Clean and environmentally friendly fuel
  • Reduces buildup of soot and carbon deposits
  • Increases fuel shelf life
  • Minimises the potential for oil tank corrosion


How is the fuel additive applied?

At the time of the heating oil delivery, our driver will add the additive to your oil tank. Depending on your heating system condition, it may take couple of weeks for Peak Aga Range Cooker Fuel + to accomplish desired results. If the heating system is connected to your boiler as well as cooker, you will also achieve maximum heating system performance.

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Typical causes of oil-fired cooker problems


Low sulphur fuel regulation

Over recent years we have noticed a large increase in vaporising boiler field problems. The kerosene specification has significantly changed due to the introduction of an EU regulation in 2008. This has lowered the amount of sulphur in fuels in order to reduce pollution. As a result, modern heating oil carbonises more quickly, which causes an increase in the build-up of carbon and potentially will clog the internal components of your aga range cooker.



Fuel bugs inside your oil tank

Oil fired cookers and heating system performance is also exposed to harmful microorganisms found in your tank. It is very common for fuel sludge to appear, as it can grow due to reactions from oxidation, condensation and heat exposure. Poorly stored fuel can contribute to a potential system breakdown.

Sludge will form a sediment at the bottom of a storage tank which can become problematic, especially when it has low oil levels. Upon refilling, the sludge may be stirred up and get into the fuel filter, blocking flow and resulting in poor efficiency of your oil-fired cooker and boiler.