Fuel Cards

fuel card

Fleet fuel costs down, business efficiency up.

Road Diesel and Gas Oil available at competitive prices. Payment can be made by credit, or debit card.

Order a Peak Oil account card for our 24/7 forecourt on Foxwood Road, Sheepbridge, Chesterfield  S41 9RF.

  • Save Time and Money

Using a fuelcard means you will have a greater control over who draws fuel on your behalf.  It, also, stops unauthorised purchases and irregular usage. A weekly drawings report itemises each transaction and will help reduce fraudulent activity.

  • Convenient

It is a good alternative to company credit cards meaning you do not need to send drivers out with significant amounts of cash, which can be also safer option. Easy to follow VAT approved invoices provide full purchase details by vehicle and flexible payment terms keep accounting simple.

To arrange a Peak Oil card account for your company, please complete our enquiry form below, or telephone:-  01246 450242.

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