Gas Oil

What is Gas Oil?gas oil

Gas Oil has many of the same properties as regular ‘white’ diesel. This makes it perfect for powering vehicles in industries, such as, agriculture, construction, quarrying, forestry and shipping.

It must not be used as a road fuel.

Why is Gas Oil called Red Diesel?

The name ‘Red Diesel’ is taken from the reddy-pink colour of the fuel.

Where can Gas Oil be used?

There are very strict rules surrounding the use of Gas Oil in the UK. It can only be used in the following:-

  • Unlicensed vehicles that are only ever driven on private land.
  • Licensed vehicles that have been registered with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) and are only ever driven on private land.
  • Agricultural vehicles, as long as they are being used for business purposes.
  • Snow clearing vehicles and gritters (including gritting activity by tractors, light agricultural vehicles and material handlers).
  • JCBs, excavators and cranes that are being used for construction purposes.
  • Commercial and leisure boats when used in UK waters (although full tax must be paid on any fuel used to power the engine).

Do I need an additive?

Diesel engines are designed to operate with a cetane number from 40 to 55. However, many engine manufacturers design equipment using EN590 specification (road diesel) fuel.



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