Fuel Additives

construction fuel additive

Peak Oil have a full range of Fuel additives to cover a wide range of applications

◦Peak Gas Oil Extra
◦Peak Anti Wax
◦Peak Fuel Store
◦Peak Anti Bug
◦Peak Diesel Supreme +
◦Peak Diesel Restorer
◦Peak Petrol Supreme +
◦Peak Petrol Restorer



Peak Gas Oil Extra

It appears that the latest off-road vehicles have been developed on European off road diesel, which is closer in quality to our DERV (BSEN590). UK Gas Oil has a lower cetane number and no lubricity spec compared to DERV.

Although UK poorer gas oil quality is not new, the latest vehicle technology appears to have been “squeezed” to meet lower emission limits. Such a “squeeze” regularly puts stress on fuel quality and some of the latest engines can run rough.

  • Better pulling power
  • Easier starting
  • Smoother running
  • Better protection
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower smoke, particulate and NOx emissions
  • Reduces sludge and fuel tank contaminant
  • Fewer water problems
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A one litre bottle of Gas Oil Extra treats 3000 litres of fuel.

Peak Anti Wax

A liquid, multi-component, premium fuel additive with extensive field experience. This additive can be used to improve the cold flow performance of diesel or gas oil. It is recommended that CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) tests are conducted on example fuels if a minimum operability temperature is required.


  • boosts a fuel’s resistance to ‘waxing’
  •  allows fuels to operate at lower temperatures
  • inhibits the formation of ice crystals
  • reduces filter plugging
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A 200ml bottle of Peak Anti Wax treats up to 200 litres of fuel.

 Peak Fuel Store

When storing your car away for periods of time, excess fuel in the tank can develop small deposits, sludge can accumulate in the bottom of the tank and varnishes may form on the walls. This is particularly a problem when fuel is stored for a prolonged time and/or is exposed to elevated temperatures.

The results of this are the car having starting problems after storage and not running as smoothly. Do you want this happening to your engine?

We developed exocet Fuel Store utilising chemistry used in refineries to alleviate sludge, deposit and varnish build-up.

  • Reduces deposit and varnish build-up
  • Slowly disperses existing sludge
  • Improves storage stability
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A 200ml bottle of Peak Fuel Store treats up to 800 litres of fuel.

Peak Anti Bug

These additives control microbiological contamination where up to 1% volume water is present. They prevent operating problems caused by microbiological contamination such as oil/water emulsions (produced by organic acids); sludge and slimes; plugged filters, injectors, burners and gauges; blistering of seals, hoses and connections; accelerated tank and pipes corrosion. These products are suitable for batch treatment in tanks (e.g. bottle dosing and splash blending), or continuous injection into a flowing stream.

  •  Controls microbiological contamination
  •  Inhibits sludge and slime build up
  • Reduces plugging of filters, injectors, burners and gauges
  • Protects against tank and pipe corrosion
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A 200ml bottle of Peak Anti Bug treats 500 litres of fuel


Peak Diesel Supreme +

Peak Diesel Supreme + is a diesel additive used to transform standard BSEN590 diesel into the best quality diesel available from any major fuel retailer (e,g.increase the cetane number from 51 to 57). Many diesel engines automatically adjust to their combustion to suit the quality of fuel being consumed. Peak Diesel Supreme + provides fuel consumption, power and emission improvements across a range of vehicle operating conditions and mitigates problems that can occur when running on biodiesel.

  • Increase fuel economy
  • Power and acceleration boost
  • Reduces emissions
  • Reduced tank filling time/lower fueling spillage
  • Enhanced engine life and corrosion protection
  • Combustion chamber deposit control
  • Increases the life of a DPF
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A 1 Litre bottle will treat 2,000 litres of fuel.


Peak Diesel Power Restorer

Modern diesel engines use highly precise injection technology to help deliver great
driving performance efficiently and with reduced emissions. Over time, deposits can build up in diesel fuel injection systems – reducing engine power, especially in the presence of biodiesel components. The deposits are often very thin layers of lacquer sticking tenaciously to critical components and restricting fuel flow.

Peak Diesel Power Restorer is specially formulated to break down and disperse these hard lacquers, bringing back the fuel flow and engine power to optimum levels.

  • Restores power that can be lost in modern diesel engines
  • Problems resolved with minimal downtime
  • Works within one tankful of fuel
  • Potential fuel economy benefit

250ml bottle of Peak Diesel Restorer treats 100 litres of fuel.