Our Fleet

Our fleet has grown in size and now includes a range of 12 different sized tankers to cover the narrow roads of the Peak District and surrounding areas. Even in most demanding weather conditions we are prepared to deliver your fuel, our fleet is enabling us to meet our customers requirements meaning we are able to cater for all demands.

In many cases we do not have to drive onto your property during delivery as our tankers are equipped with long reach 180ft hoses. Moreover our experienced drivers are able to manoeuvre in very small spaces, allowing delivery to the most difficult locations.

Height Lengths Width Capacity
Road Runner 2.85m 5.80m 2.30m 8 000 litres
4 Wheeler 3.20m 6.85m 2.50m 13 000 litres
6 Wheeler 3.45m 8.35m 2.50m 19 000 litres
8 Wheeler 3.50m 9.30m 2.50m 23 000 litres