Suzzara Blue Kit

Suzzara Blue AC Electric IBC AdBlue Pump

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The Suzzara Blue AdBlue™ IBC Pump Kit is a plated Piusi pump kit designed for the dispensing of AdBlue™, otherwise known as DEF, specifically from an IBC. Complete with a self-priming membrane AdBlue™ pump, nozzle, delivery and suction hose and IBC connector, it is a ready to use solution that allows the simple move of the kit from one IBC to another. These Italian manufactured IBC AdBlue™ pumps are renowned in the market for their quality, as well as their additional features such as the handy hose and nozzle support complete with drip catcher.

There are Pro and Basic models available of the IBC AdBlue™ transfer pump kit; the difference being that the Pro comes with an automatic nozzle and flow meter, whereas the Basic has a manual nozzle and no metering option, acting as a more cost effective option.

  • Self priming membrane AdBlue™ pump
  • Stainless steel mounting plate
  • Flow rate: 32ltr Per Min
  • 6m delivery & 1.5m suction hose
  • SEC connector
  • Hose & nozzle support with drip catcher
  • Pro version with auto nozzle & K24 meter
  • Basic version with manual nozzle
  • Fittings for installation
  • Protection grade: IP55
  • Available in 230v & 110v

Data sheets are available upon request

32ltr Per Min (230v / 110v)

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