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A liquid, multi-component, premium fuel additive with extensive field experience. This additive can be used to improve the
cold flow performance of diesel or gas oil. It is recommended that CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) tests are conducted on example fuels if a minimum operability temperature is required.

  • Boosts a fuel’s resistance to ‘waxing’
  • Allows fuels to operate at lower temperatures than fuel specification
  • Inhibits the formation of ice crystals
  • Reduces filter plugging
  • Works with maximum allowable FAME contents
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A 1L bottle of Peak Anti Wax treats up to 1000 litres of fuel. Other quantities are available on request.
Data sheets are available upon request

1 Litre

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Fuel Care Pack

Avoid boiler problems by having your oil tank serviced and maintained. Peak Oil will remove any water, install a Tank Dryer and fit an electronic level gauge, PLUS dose your tank with an Anti-Bug agent.* The revolutionary Apollo Visual as well as reporting the fuel level to a plug in receiver…

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