Low Profile Bunded Oil Tank 1250l


£1,102.80 (inc. VAT)

By installing an Low Profile Bunded Oil Tank for Oil Storage, any risk is minimised, and even on Domestic installations, the Envirostore selection of Bunded Tanks will cater for most sizes of applications.

Warranty and Accessories

Bunded tanks have a 10 year warranty and each come with free Apollo Visual (£95) and Fittings Pack.


  • Brimful 1330 litres
  • Nominal 1206 litres
  • Length 1970mm
  • Width 1410mm
  • Height 1115mm
  • Footprint 1890 x 1340mm

Data sheets are available upon request


Special Offer

Fuel Care Pack

Avoid boiler problems by having your oil tank checked. Peak Oil will remove any water, install a Tank Dryer and fit an electronic level gauge, PLUS dose your tank with an Anti-Bug agent.* The revolutionary Apollo Visual as well as reporting the fuel level to a plug in receiver also has…

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