Peak Burning Oil (Kerosene)

Peak standard heating oil is a quality burning fuel ideally suited to domestic systems. This product is also known as kerosene, or 28 second burning oil. It provides quality heating solutions at a competitive price. It is a popular choice for off-grid homeowners, with most modern oil-fired boilers running on Burning Oil.

Peak Aga/Range Cooker Fuel Extra +Peak-Aga-Extra

We supply Peak Aga/Range Cooker Fuel Extra +. Our customers have told us that they have seen a marked increase in economy and a reduction in their field problems and some use the same active ingredients in all of their kerosene. If your Aga range cooker and heating system use the same oil tank as the supply you should use Peak Aga/Range Cooker Fuel Extra + for maximum performance.

Peak Extra Heat +Peak-Extra-Heat

Peak Extra Heat + contains a combination of components to help maintain quality, reduce fuel related service problems as well as enhancing performance.





Peak Gas Oilgas oil

Gas Oil is also known as red diesel and tractor fuel. In the UK it is widely used to power agricultural equipment, marine vehicles and off-road construction vehicles.


Peak Gas Oil Extra +

This product is a Gas oil upgrade formulated to allow modern diesel engines calibrated on EN590 Derv to run on red diesel. It also compensates for some of the harmful effects of a higher FAME content e.g. a tendency for water pick up. The product will additionally enhance the performance of older vehicles.

Peak Road Dervfuel

We supply Road Derv which can also be known as road diesel or white diesel. Road derv is a liquid fuel product suitable for use in all road vehicles powered by diesel engines as it has the applied government duty to be paid. This product can be sold either from the pump at our Head Office in Chesterfield or in bulk when delivered by our tankers.

Peak Diesel Supreme +super-derv

Peak Diesel Supreme + is used to transform standard BSEN590 diesel into the best quality diesel available from any major fuel retailer (e,g.increase the cetane number from 51 to 57).