Essential Information about AdBlue

Essential Information about AdBlue

AdBlue is a new technology that is increasingly appearing in new diesel cars, to help reduce exhaust emissions.

Why do I need AdBlue?

Many new diesel vehicles are now fitted with selective catalytic engines that require a special urea solution to adhere to new EU legislation. Adblue is a clear solution which consists of demineralised water and automotive urea. When Adblue is combined with fuel, it will replace 5% of diesel consumption reducing emission accordingly. The liquid is not an additive for a diesel engine, therefore, it must be topped up when required. Please note that AdBlue needs to be poured into a completely separate tank in your vehicle.

How to refill AdBlue?

Only vehicles with AdBlue technology will need this product. It is very important not to pour the substance into the fuel tank, or any other fluid instead of AdBlue in the dedicated tank, doing so will severely damage your vehicle. We recommend buying the necessary amount required to refill, otherwise you will be storing the excess amount and the product have a short shelf life.


Where to buy Adblue?

We can supply AdBlue in volumes from 4L containers to 1000L IBC’s. For new AdBlue users we offer a ‘Passenger Car Starter Kit Box‘ which is a convenient AdBlue top-up bottle supplied in 4L pack including a non-drip spout designed to secure to the AdBlue filler neck of any passenger car.

4 litres adblue top up


Click on the link to purchase Passenger Car Starter Kit Box.

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