6 methods to keep your home warm

6 methods to keep your home warm

Conquer the cold weather. Make sure to keep your home warm without blasting the heat.

1. Radiator 

Using aluminium foil behind the radiators on the wall is yet another budget method that could reduce your heating bill. Sticking shining side towards the radiator will help heat to bounce back into the room instead of escaping. A proper radiator reflector foil will work more effectively instead of ordinary tin foil.

2. Boiler

Insulating your boiler is a simple and inexpensive way of reducing the heat loss. According to Energy.gov this method could “reduce standby heat loss by 25%-45% and save you about 7%-16% in water heating costs”.

3. Water Pipes

Insulated water pipes tend to reduce heat loss and will keep the water warmer. Self-seal insulation wrap for hot water pipes can be found in most hardware stores. During cold mornings, you will not have to wait long for a hot water to reach your sink or shower!

4. Windows

Heat tends to escape through unsealed windows and doors. If you feel cold coming from these areas it would be useful to apply special silicone, or self-adhesive rubber seal.

5. Curtains

One of the things to eliminate heat loss would be to cover your door and surrounding wall with a thick door curtain.  You could also use curtains and blinds on windows, although remember not to cover the radiators.

6. Chimney

If you have a fireplace which is rarely being used you may want to consider purchasing a chimney ballon/pillow. This simple device is capable of stopping cold chimney drafts from entering your home, it is fairly cheap and yet could save you a significant amount over the years.


The above tips will definitely lower your energy bills even in the middle of winter although if you are using heating oil make sure to order earlier. During colder periods kerosene will be consumed more rapidly and there is a chance you might run out, especially if you do not have a tank monitor fitted to your tank. Get an instant fuel quote today by clicking here, don’t leave it too late.

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