4 Tips to Defrost Your Car Windscreen

4 Tips to Defrost Your Car Windscreen

Here are 4 short tips on defrosting the windscreen during winter

Defrosting the windscreen with a scraper is frustrating task for many people. Good visibility at this time is most important for drivers and other road users safety. Below you will find tips on how to prepare and handle this task in the most efficient way.



Many people do not realise how to use the car heater in the correct way. Avoid using the air re-circulation feature. Instead turn on the air con which will help to remove
some of the vapour. Setting ventilation to blow air over the windshield is another way to prevent your windscreen fogging up.

De-icing liquid and scrapers

These are the most effective and time efficient way to defrosting the windscreen. Spray the de-icer on the outside of the screen and use a proper scraper for the best results.
Using a specially formulated Windscreen Washer Liquid would also be beneficial.


 Hot water

Do not pour hot water directly onto a frozen screen. This can crack and break the glass especially when there are stone chips, or scratches because extreme temperature change puts glass under pressure.

Using wipers

Turning on frozen wipers can damage the system and the electronics. It will also weaken and can break blades. It is important to clear the ice away from washer nozzles and
underneath the wiper blades before using them.

Remember you could face a fine for driving with restricted vision, or possibly cause an accident. Make sure you spend those extra minutes de-icing before driving away.

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