Peak Burning Oil

What is Peak Burning Oil?peak burning oil

Peak standard heating oil is a quality burning fuel ideally suited to domestic systems. This product is also known as kerosene, or 28 second oil. It provides quality heating solutions at a competitive price. It is a popular choice for off-grid homeowners, with most modern oil-fired boilers running on Burning Oil.

Burning Oil fact sheet:

  • It is a light, thin, straw-coloured liquid.
  • Before electricity it was widely available, this type of Oil was used in lanterns throughout the UK.
  • It is a non-corrosive fuel and when stored correctly can last for years.


The Advantages of using Burning Oil

  • Safety

When stored and used correctly, Oil should not produce any soot, dirt or odours. It also burns very cleanly and has a low risk of Carbon Monoxide emissions.

  • Efficiency

It is extremely efficient, which means that it typically releases more heat than other heating fuels.

  • Environmental benefits

This product produces less fumes than fuels such as wood, or coal. Deliveries are often grouped to reduce the amount of tanker deliveries in an area, which in turn cuts CO2 emissions.



Peak standard heating oil is available in any quantity and can be delivered throughout Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire in our range of road tankers suitable for access to most private properties.