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Peak Oil has a long relationship with the agricultural community.  We supply Red Diesel/Gas Oil, Kerosene and Lubricants as well as oil storage tanks.

Over the past forty years we have gained the necessary knowledge to understand the importance of delivering your fuel when you need it, so your agricultural business runs smoothly and efficiently. Our aim is that you will receive competitive prices whatever the season and the quantity of fuel you require.

We are able to deliver a range of fuels and volumes to any specific location. In our fleet we have specially designed tankers to access difficult and restricted places, such as, small farms, or agricultural locations regardless of your oil tank location.

Peak Oil is a knowledgeable and independent family owned business.  We like to know our customers requirements and understand that the price is an area of concern.  We provide competitive prices based on your location, delivery date and quantity. Through having a personal approach, consistent deliveries and a reliable service we are able to create exemplary relationships with our agricultural clients.